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I was playing basketball with some of the neighbor kids that live by Sam. The last time I saw 2 of the kids they were like little shits. Now they're like taller and have deep voices and shit, I guess their balls dropped! Both of them are 13 or 14. We were playing a game where each basket counts as 1 point. First one to 10 points wins. We rotate in alternating order, but if you make a shot you get to keep shooting until you miss. The rules we added later made it just great. One rule was while one person is shooting, all the other players must stand behind a certain line or the player shooting gets another shot. The second rule added was you could say ANYTHING you wanted to try and get the shooter to laugh and fuck up his shot. Which made the game even more fun! The third rule, a continuation of rule #2 was that you could not jump in the air or obstruct the shooters view to the rim. You also could not touch the shooter or throw anything at him. One of the other rules was the player could jump while trying to make the shot and land on the cement, but must have both feet on the grass in the next yard while in the process of shooting. Another rule was that if you stepped on the cement before you shoot, you lose your turn.

It was awesome! I played for 2-3 hours. Another kid came during the last hour or so and he was only 11. But that didn't stop us from using foul language! Then we taught him what CUM means. I asked the kid I said "Do you know what cum means?" And he didnt know so we all made fun of him huh huh huh. But then he threatened to go run and ask mommy so we ended up telling him. Then while it was his shot we all made comments about how he can't cum and all this shit. It was hilarious! We were saying things to each other like "I bet you like to jackoff in your moms panties" or "I bet you like it when a big black cock is in your ass". Just the nastiest shit you can think of ! LOL It was so great.
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