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Preseason Game #2: Detroit Lions (1-2) vs Buffalo Bills (1-2)

Well I went to the last preseason game today, we won 20-17 woo! The game dragged so much though, it was actually kind of boring. Butttttt I was thinking about someone special throughout the whole game so it made me feel good (she knows who she is heheh) :)

For the tailgate I had 3 shish-kebobs, 2 steak and 1 pork, 2 pieces of garlic toast and 2 huge helpings of macaroni salad. It was all delicious! I washed it down with a couple coca colas yum yum

I havent updated here in a few weeks. Not much has been going on :\ I need to get another job since I cant pay my bills and Im fuckin broke , jeez Im such a loser! Im gonna be 20 years old in less then 2 months, its time for me to get my shit together and start thinking about the future a little bit. I gotta get another job so I can build up a bank roll hell yeah! Not too much else going on really, Amanda's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I still havent figured out what to get her. I have an idea of what to give her, but I just don't know exactly WHAT it is too.

Sammys birthday is a month away, October 3. I wish I could get her something but I cant send it! :( Im so sowwy!

I've been pretty busy lately with my community redneck, which Im proud of its doing pretty well. We're up to 109 members now, we get a new user at least every few days so thats awesome.
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