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9/11 Revisited

Well today marks the 3 year anniversery of the tragic 9/11 event that struck America on that horrifying day. September the 11th will be a day which lives in infamy. I think about all those innocent people that died, and it just ain't right.

The sad part is that it happens every single day in every country around the world, it just isn't hyped up as much as 9/11. So when you think about 9/11 from now on and how horrifying it was, just think about what else is happening elsewhere in the world. Cause and effect, cause and effect... I won't say America "deserved" 9/11, but I will say that the Americans are hated worldwide, and not just by 3rd world countries either. Look at China, they hate us too! Don't get me wrong, I used to take pride in my country, but with what is going on here politcally and economically now I do not support our leaders. I do not think it is right to go off starting wars in other countries. Why cant we just mind our own fucking business like Canada? I'm not anti-American, I don't hate America, I just hate the way its being run, and frankly, I refuse to vote because I think Bush and Kerry are both scumbags. I realize much of this is irrelevant to the 9/11 incident, but I just wanted to make a point. I know that when tragedy strikes at "home" (home being America) that everyone embraces the horror, but tragedy is tragedy isnt it? Just something to think about.
I started playing Neopets again today. Why? Cuz Im bored as fuck and there isnt anything else to do on the fucking computer. I've started writing neopets again to see if I can get my account unfrozen, a year later. I'll write every day until they get sick of me, from 10,000 different email addresses if thats what it takes. I dont care if its harassment, fuck them.
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