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Things Are Good!

Well the last month or so has been kind of rough, but things are looking up. Today started off like every other the last few months, shitty and depressing and suicidal, you know, that ol chest nut. But then in the afternoon everything turned great when I called Amanda at work. Today we had our happiest and most uplifting/positive conversation we've had in awhile. We were clicking again the way we always have in the past! I want it to continue that way.

OMG here's what I had to eat today!

Breakfast (8:00 AM) Belgian waffle smothered with whipped cream & strawberries, sausage links

Lunch (12:15 PM) Classic Double cheeseburger with castup, MAYO and onions with a great biggie fry and great biggie Cherry Coke!!!

Dinner (6:45 PM) BLT sangwich and potato & bacon soup. Yum yum!

Hmmmm I dunno what I'll eat tonight, too early to tell lol The Dream Cruise is coming Saturday! I'm sooo excited! WOOOOOOOOO! I wish Amanda was here to go cruisin' with me, I know she'd love it! Hopefully next year she'll be able to go with me.

Right now I'm talkin to S
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