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Season Game 1: Detroit Lions (1-0) vs Houston Texas (0-1)

Lions win Lions win! 2 and 0, 2 and 0! The Lions toppled the Texans by a score of 28-16 Sunday and I was there to see all the action! Jason Hanson missed a field goal on a rare occaison, other then that he wasnt needed for once since the Lions scored 4 touchdowns and held the Texans 2 touch downs and a field goal. Our pass rush still needs a lot of work, we are giving the opposing quarterbacks way too much time to find an open receiver. Our defense needs to be tightened a bit, and our offense is fine. We have rookie Roy Williams who got 2 touchdowns in the game, and an awesome punt returner named Eddie Drummond! He returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the game! We still have a long ways to go before we become playoff material. I predict we'll finish the season 6-10.

After the game ended I got Eddie Drummond to autograph 2 pictures I have of him. I also got Joey Harrington (our young quarterback) to autograph my replica Joey Harrington jersey!! That made me so happy cuz Joey very rarely stops to sign autographs, especially after the game is over.

Our game next week is against Philadelphia, who is currently playing Minnesota on Monday Night Football.
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