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Excerpt from Amanda's Journal

"Lissa and Michelle are the kings of Egypt who helped Shipra and Puah, their mid-wives, jesus said therefore unto the twelve would yourself, he said "I voice crying in the wilderness, make the fair seas hippocrits for yee devour widow's houses even while for a, i want you to begone from this lists, away from the roots." and Peter calling to remeberence sayith unto him, "we're greatly amazed", and running to him soluted him. And he asked "they found it not?", though many false wittness came, but afterwords came, be comfronted and will laugh joy. Bless'ed and happy are they them then for you. And Capernaum; you have be elivated nearly to with God's help, Joshua and his men overcame the Amalekites and Iseral is the christ, the savior of the world. As jesus and the into each other's keeping. For only the hand of life can contain Moses, but out the rods and the one with Aaron's named carved, go back home. I will return to my own people, but god his people in the remission for their sins, because of the tender blessed and happy are you when men hate and despise you, when again the water and I give him will be like a fountain quarriling with me? moses asked "don't you know you are trying God's raise the dead that the sun will reserect whoever he wishes the."

Fucking hilarious shit god damn it. It sounds like an Arab who speaks very little English tried to translate his Jihad bible.
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