"A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In,

When The World Walks Out."

Crazy Inside
31 October
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Hi there! I'm crazy! Hahaha yes its true, I am one crazy mofo! My sense of humor is often dark and in bad taste. Well bad taste as far as the average person goes. I like to be sick and twisted at times and often over the top! I recently fell in love with country music and my best friend fuckyou hates it! I used to write poetry but I don't write much anymore. I have a Champaign colored 1997 Chevy Cavalier with 80,000 miles. I baby her, I love my car! I like to give her car washes and get her shining up like new. I put tire shine on my wheels and shine up my cheesy hub caps! Hell yeah! Get er done!

My main philosophy on life is that love and romance are key to having a happy life. I have a love interest, sorry ladies haha :) I like cuddling though. I'm not gay I can assure you. If you want to be my friend, then I feel sorry for you! Cuz I'm so crazy I'll make you puke! I have a temper too. Sometimes I get madder then a one legged ethiopian watching a donut roll down a hill! (Larry the cable guy is pretty cool).

I am also the owner/founder of a community called redneck! Its the shizzle my dizzle! I have worked really hard on it and I'm constantly coming up with new ideas to keep it exciting. I love all my little Redneck friendlies who joined. They're so wonderful. We're like one big, happy Redneck family, minus the imbreeding of course! Hahahaha.

Regretful Confession
by: Me

How could you hand that gun to me?
You knew I would pull the trigger on impulse...
Is this really what you wanted?
Did you want to leave me that badly?
Why couldn't you just talk to me?
I tried to get you to open up to me, but it never seemed to work.
I thought you and I were in this hell together?
Now I'm all alone. You are gone because of me.
I cried so hard after I pulled the trigger.
Then I cried some more as I held your cold, limp, lifeless body.
I loved you so much that I had killed you.
Killed you with my love, or that bullet, either way you're not coming back.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I wasn't the man of your dreams.
I'm sorry I wasn't everything you had expected and wanted.
So here I am, all alone. Praying to your grave.
Praying, that you are somehow better off, wherever you are.
Here I stand, with that very same gun.
I put it in my mouth, and squeeze the trigger.
This is it, I'm coming for you baby; because I just can not stand, to be alone anymore.

These images were created by one my best friends fuckyou
They are symbolic of our long time friendship. Thank you so much Amanda :)